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    BCD436HP: Scan while plugged in (solution)

    I can’t believe I just found this after 5 years and thousands of AA batteries... figured I’d share the idea, works great Lenink AA Battery Power Supply Adapter,Replace 3 AA Battery,White
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    Soup Can Fix for Receiving Simulcast P25 CQPSK, Oakland, Ca

    Frustrated with Oakland P25 CQPSK Modulated system. the multi-path problem with this system brought back memoirs of an antenna I once saw which dealt with interference. The antenna was "can" shaped unit mounted horizontally on a TV type mast. It was about a foot long and six inches in diameter...
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    Help me find a radio solution?

    Hi, am new to this forum, and thought this might be a reasonable sub-forum to post this question. I'm considering launching a business, which would manufacture and distribute a technology infrastructure to existing businesses within a particular vertical market. I am just slightly stuck on the...