1. plaws

    Gameday 2013

    Whaddya know? It's different this year! Unless Unitrunker is broken, there is only one patch! Even the old Fire DC <-> Fire 1 and PD DIspatch to PD R&I are gone. Nothing showing up for OUPD or OHP, either. Like I said, different. SMA 1I - Gameday Command Post - security, I think. SMA 1J -...
  2. plaws

    Gameday 2012

    Dangit. I can't cut/paste from the patches window of Unitrunker any more. Could with the Retro version, but run the "modern" version now. Anyway, nothing really looks new - Norman pretty much has everything patched to everything (on Site 40). LMAs 7G, 7H, 7I, and 7K are all patched to...