sound card

  1. RyanRox099

    USB Sound Cards

    I found out the easy way to host more feeds.... and for cheap. I found some small usb sound cards on ebay, and just plug them in and now I can host as many feeds as I have scanners. Its only about $2.00!!! for one card. On Eaby (USB 2.0 TO 3D AUDIO SOUND CARD ADAPTER VIRTUAL 5.1 ch - eBay...
  2. Mylan

    Two Sound Cards In One Dinosaur

    I have a 10 year old computer that I pretty much use only to stream a feed for RR.... I also have some extra scanners lying around that I would like to utilize for a second feed but I'd like to run both feeds on that machine...... Is it possible to install a second sound card in that pc...
  3. S

    Do You Have Sound Card Problems? Heres your solution

    There have been a few posts about sound card issues. Weither your needs are Digital Modes, Recording, Waterfall Displays, or speakers even hopfully I can help you. Fisrt off, as has been said if you have Windows Vista You may ned to check to see if your software is compatible with it...