1. NFR85

    Capable of listening to foreign feeds in English

    If this is the wrong forum please move it. I was thinking. Not a lot of people speak French and people may want to listen to an area that only speaks French. I was wondering if there is a way to pass this on to Lindsay, that all foreign feeds have an option that you can listen either in French...
  2. S

    Mexican Traffic on 462.5750

    I live in Sierra Vista (about 12 miles from the Mexican border). I purchased a HomePatrol about a year ago but only used it for road trips. Monitoring the Monument Fire kindled (pun intended) my interest in scanning. I just added unlicensed bands (CB, FRS, etc.) to thanks to another post on...
  3. J

    Illegal Broadcast on 155.760MHz in New Haven

    Ok so I'm finally fed up enough to post this. I drive through New Haven on my way home from school every night, usually somewhat late. My radios are usually on. One night about 2 weeks ago, I was on my way home, heading up Whalley ave out of the city, and heard something quite strange. Near...