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    Problems with speaker microphones on the VX-454 VHF

    My employer's ambulances use the VX-454 VHF (brand new) for communication when outside the vehicle. I personally purchased a MH-360S and a couple of MH-45B4B speaker microphones for use with these radios, and they do not work, specifically, they broadcast dead air when the PTT button on them or...
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    XPR6550 - remote speaker microphone

    I've tried the PMMN4025 and PMMN4050 remote speaker microphones. When transmitting, the individuals listening state that I am clear and understandable. However, some individuals are annoyed and stated that it sounds like my voice is muffled a bit and/or sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Anyone...
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    VX-150 "Shoulder Mic" (Speaker Mic)

    Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a "Shoulder Mic" for a Vertex VX-150 Radio. I work for a Public Safety Department at a College. I need a "Shoulder Mic" to be able to perform easy. Thank You