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    Baffling experience with SpectrumForce wide-band antenna

    I’ve run into an issue with my recently-purchased SpectrumForce wide-band antenna (SpectrumForce Wideband Antenna with Mag Mount and BNC | Scanner Master) that has me baffled. I primarily use two handheld scanners—my GRE PSR-300 and my Whistler TRX-1. The GRE is a much better radio and always...
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    Scanner and CDM Mounting

    So i am thinking about mounting a scanner (BCD996XT) and a Moto CDM 1250 in a SpectrumForce Desk Mount. I realize I need to keep the antennas a half wave length apart (at least) and I plan on keeping Close Call off on the scanner to prevent Rx'ing everything I Tx. Any other issues I may run...