1. W2IRT

    BCD996XT Enabling/Disabling Group Quick-keys

    Hi all, Is there a fast way to enable or disable group quick keys? Here's the situation. System QK1 is for my local area's conventional systems (Five small townships in NJ, each with one or two PD and one or two FD channels). GQK 1 is police, GQK 2 is fire and EMS, but GQK 3 is for towns that...
  2. K9JDN

    SQKs, GQKs – Alpha Tags Y/N?

    I’ve had my 396XT for a week now and I haven’t been able to learn everything about it just yet, so I have a couple of questions. Is there an easy way to review what Systems or Groups are assigned to a specific SQK/GQK number via a Menu selection? Can SQK/GQKs have an alpha tag? How does one...