squelch adjustment

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    CDM 1250/1550 squelch adjustment

    Hi, I have a LB CDM1550 radio that has its squelch set too tight. The squelch breaks at ~-111dBm or .63uV. I need to readjust the radio so squelch opens at ~-120dBm or .21uV. Using a comms tester I read the radio using Moto's Tuner app (admittedly I have only used CPS in the past and have no...
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    Kenwood TK-941 - Volume Problem

    I have a few kenwood TK-941 radios. One of these radios has a very strange volume issue. When I power up the device, the volume automatically resets to 100 % and you hear the ear piercing "BEEEP!" So I looked around in the software to see if there was any option for this, but I could not find...
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    TK-250 squelch adjustment - tuning mode

    I have a couple of TK-250 handhelds that seem to show the 'busy' icon consistently - I'd like to adjust the baseline squelch just a little to make them less sensitive. In the KPG-23D software, there is a "test mode" which gives you an F10 "tuning mode" option. You can then adjust a slider that...