squelch tone ctcss dcs

  1. HWG

    Analog scanning

    I have what I need to monitor the digital and DMR stuff. I also have a vintage piece just to have. Now, what I am looking to find is the last best analog scanner that was offered before the digital days. Some criteria: 300+ channels, AM, FM-wide, and FM-narrow, 25 MHz - 1300 MHz, CTCSS/DCS...
  2. robo21

    Pro-651: And Pro-106 and Squelch Code Question

    First a little history. I live in Los Angeles. I have both radios, Pro-651 and Pro-106. I sold my GRE PSR-500 for enough moolah to buy a new 651 and a used 106. I felt like that was a good move. Even the 106 feels like it is an equal to the GRE radio. I do realize that the 651, 106 and 500...
  3. crazy_19

    Squelch Tones

    Anyone have any prefrences as to CTCSS over DCS or vice versa. And if any one knows are their any thecnical pros/cons besides greater number of tones with DCS.