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  1. C

    Rookie Trying to bring childhood memories back! MUCH HELP NEEDED :) (ST. Louis, Missouri/MOSWIN; IL Starcom21)

    Hi there! I have been doing a lot of research, trying to understand, on how to exactly get the most of my Uniden SDS 200. It has certainly been an experience as this is all a foreign language to me. Not to bore, but, after my fathers passing I picked it us as I have listened to scanners with...
  2. owen0445

    BCD436HP Database

    Hello all, I am a new BCD436HP user (began using the radio last spring) and am wondering if I should rely on the database from the Uniden site via Sentinel software or do I need to find additional, more current lists to program the radio? The reason I ask is because I'm in St. Louis and cannot...
  3. rjvalenta

    what's left in St. Louis conventional frequencies?

    i've been waging the reception war with SLATER here in Kirkwood, and in that the best solution i've found to my reception issues is to turn my squelch ALL the way down. now i'm only listening to trunked on my two main boxes... and i started to wonder, what's left in the conventional...
  4. R

    Need help with St. Louis County SLATER Trunked System

    I tried really long and hard to find a thread that addressed my question, but could not find one. I am a long time scanner hobbyist, and have owned numerous conventional scanners. My area went to a multi-county APCO 25 trunked system in the last few months (in fact parts are still coming on...
  5. M

    St. Ann working or disabled?

    Hi, I'm new to the group. Ive been scanning for about 3 years not using the neat "Scanner Radio" app on my phone. St. Ann was switching to a digital system this month and I recently purchased a Uniden BCD436HP just for that reason but i cant seem to figure out St. Ann's situation. I scanned to...
  6. Z

    Central County Emergency 911

    Just a heads up to everyone who listens to Fire/EMS in St. Louis County, as of 10/30/13 Central County 911 took over North Central. The frequencies are still the same, just a new dispatching agency. I think that North Central's med-9 channels are not being used anymore and all of the apparatus...
  7. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C Question

    Is MSHP Troop C using both conventional and P25 now? I just saw that they are posted under the STL P25 page now. What is the difference between all of their dispatch talkgroups (1-7) and car to car talkgroups (1-7)? I'm not trying to program their SWAT or DDCC, just their basic patrol division...
  8. I

    St. Louis City - Scanner Radio Pro

    Coincidence? I've very recently upgraded to pro and I now hear only occasional chatter in a couple of districts according to the tags. It used to be very active all the time. any insight?
  9. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Programming Help

    Can someone help me with the frequencies for Missouri Highway Patrol? I've read the wiki and it's confusing. I want to strictly monitor Troop C (STL County to be exact). Does MSHP use digital or analog frequencies? If they use analog frequencies, could someone give me the exact frequencies to...
  10. Z

    U-City Fire Dispatch?

    Does anyone know who dispatches U-City now?? I know they were on North Central, but I havent heard them get dispatched in a while... Thanks!!
  11. WhiteRabbitZooms6S

    North St. Louis CO - noob with scanner in car - antenna on top

    Got a Pro-164 from Radio Shack. PRO-164 1000-Channel Handheld Scanner - And this antenna, hooked up to the top of my car: Magnet-mount mobile scanner antenna - Driving around STLCO a lot, and wanted to know: <b>What now? What's good listening?</b> Listening...
  12. D

    New communication system to link bi-state emergency services

    A nearly $10 million communication system will link Illinois and Missouri police departments allowing emergency response workers to talk to each other with more ease and create a communication system unlike anything else in the country. The St. Louis Regional Digital Microwave System, a...