stacking yagis

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    stacked Yagi question

    In general 1. If optimal Yagi height above real ground is 1/2 wavelength should 14 MHz ( single bander ) Yagi be on bottom of the stack and 7 MHz (single bander ) Yagi be on top of the stack 1/2 wavelength distant from the bottom 14 MHz yagi ? This is a theoretical ...
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    Stacking 6 meter beam antennas

    Hello. I want to receive from and transmit into 2 different directions at a time on 50MHz. So I thought I would connect Cushcraft A50-5S 5 element beam and a Comet CA-52HB4 4 element beam. The two antennas will point in different directions without a rotor and will be connect to the same coax...
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    Stacking Yagis

    I have been playing with the idea of stacking smaller, identical yagis in order to increase gain without using an insanely long, single yagi. I am thinking about stacking two yagis in the following configuration: My question is how this array would be connected to my scanner. Do I use a...