1. Bill88

    Police Standoff - Elgin

    Elgin Police at the scene of a standoff near May and Grace Street on Elgins East side. SWAT units arrived on scene and advised they were switching to "Starcom Tactical Encrypted' Church members and Family at Police Command post to assist.
  2. B

    Please help!! Why is the lancaster county lincoln ne channel temrminated

    Can someone please help,Almost 2 weeks ago Wednesday May 11,2011 a man here in lincoln Ne took his family hostage and then after swat fbi and homeland security got there he killed himself then the feed here and on my droid police scanner was TERMINATED DUE TO A TOS VIOLATION "BRODCASTING SWAT...
  3. jmorthla

    10-11-2009 Swat

    For last couple of hours there has been a stand off in Ballard, now on TAC 1 but since Swat has been called in, not too much information going on. Does anyone know what Swat freq are? Thanks Joe