1. L

    Stanislaus National Forest

    I'm looking for the repeater INPUT frequencies for the Stanislaus NF, as well as the frequencies used by USFS law enforcement in the Stanislaus. Any information appreciated. Larry
  2. 2

    Stanislaus County CAL-FIRE

    Does anybody know what frequencies are used for dispatching CAL-FIRE units in Stanislaus County? In the attached map it shows the eastern and western portions of the county to be State Responsibility Areas, but there is no listing for any Stanislaus County CAL-FIRE frequencies in the database. I...
  3. gmclam

    What is the purpose of Control 1?

    Stanislaus County Fire Dispatch is on 153.770 MHz. It appears to also be "repeated" on 453.525 MHz, named as "Control 1". Often there are repeaters on VHF because the main dispatch is 800 MHz or something like that. But the signal on 153.770 MHz is quite strong and seems to overlap the...