stars programming

  1. B

    Best STARS mobile scanner - Query

    Although equipment related I think this is better placed in the Virginia Forums because it is specifically about STARS. Which model mobile scanner do you think is best for monitoring STARS ? Am asking for an agency that does not want to spend $7000 apiece for a STARS radio that they will only...
  2. WA4HHG

    STARS, Freescan and BC996XT

    Am re-programming my BC996XT and am having trouble with VA STARS. The database here on RadioRef lists the system as: Project 25 Phase I However, Freescan (latest version) "wants" to upload the datafile as a Motorola Type II. Which is the "real" format ? Loading it as a Motorola Type II...
  3. T

    Help identifying STARS Sites in Southwest and Central Virginia

    I'm currently in the process of trying to identify the STARS Sites in SW VA and Central VA. Below are the sites that I currently have some info on. I've been using pro96com with a BCD996xt to identify sites and their adjacent sites. CC info was acquired from pro96com. 201 - Appomattox...
  4. richrisdon

    VSP Division 7 and STARS

    Good afternoon, I am sort of a new user to programming a Pro 96 but a long time scanner listener. I am really about to pull out my hair on STARS. I also use win96 software. I have read as much as I can, and am really confused. I live in Alexandria Va. and would like to listen to STARS. I would...
  5. B

    Please Help STARS 396

    I have had a 396 for 7 months now. I can not figure out stars. I do as all these forums say. I have firmware 2.00.07. I am going to update again today to the 3.0. Below are the steps I have taken 1. Select New system 2. Select MOT 3. P25 4. Add frequency 152.0375 for the richmond main control...