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    APX7500 Rebooting

    Hello, I have an odd issue that we have run into recently with one of our customers. I installed a brand new APX 7500 radio into a brand new 2016 Dodge Durango. The procedure in how the radio were installed is as follows: 1. All connections are crimped, soldered, and heat shrinked. 2. The...
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    System Setup, Square One, Kenwood TK-840s

    Hello All, Let me first start by saying I have very little knowledge of the radio world but am very interested in learning. I do have a pretty good grasp on computers and hope I can get the same grasp on radios. We have a fairly large trucking company where we have 70 Kenwood TK-840s in...
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    AR3000A reset problem

    I have an AR3000A Scanner. If it has been disconnected from all power for a fair while upon turning on it will not start in an ordered fashion. All the display characters are on and the scanner is 'hung'. I replaced the 3V batt which was dead but to no avail. My understanding is that before...