1. SpectralContent

    Radio Sound Effect Files

    Looking to see if anyone has any .wav or .mp3 files for the MOTOTRBO sound effects (ie. Startup, accessory attached, accessory detached, busy, transmit, incoming call/message, etc.) for a project I am working on. I've found the startup sound but it always appears to be on very questionable...
  2. N

    R20 Keyboard Sanity Check

    Like many of us, even those with experience, the R20's out-of-box experience can be frustrating. Thought I'd toss in some tips about programming from the keyboard, as cuddling up with the manual for a few days is not my idea of fun. :) So here is the Pre-Flight check. Maybe you lost the...
  3. J

    396 XT Display

    Looking to have the multicolored display stay illuminated (in any color) once the unit is turned on and plugged in. Seems very hard to read without backlight. Can this be set at startup? Is the only way to illuminate by pressing a key? Can one set the unit so that when a frequeny triggers...