1. XLC_Comm442

    WestNet Voice Files

    Does anybody happen to have the voice files for a WestNet station alerting system? Looking for the auto Dispatch recording that play when receiving a call. Thanks in advance.
  2. AK4FD

    Dade County/Aventura

    Hello all... Does anybody know the fire station tones frequencies for Aventura Station-8? The A-Tone and B-Tone in Hz? I am trying to use my scanner as a fire tone-out alert mode and want to see how it works. I don't live in the area but I work in the area so I'm trying to save a lot of time...
  3. B

    cb station on mobile feedback

    Hy guys, In order to help the CB community all over I have built an application that acts as a CB but over the internet(for now). It uses real-time connections and live streaming and with the purpose to act as a regular CB station. Can you help me with a feedback and tell me what do you guys...
  4. F

    TK880 for Station Alerting

    I have a TK880 that I am going to use for alerting via QCII at my station. The main reason behind it is I am tired of the Minitor and PR400 we have going from silent to rapid loud beeps and me wetting myself every time. Joking of course, however those of us at the station would rather enjoy an...
  5. Eastie

    Picking up a radio station with signal stalker

    Hi everyone, I am using signal stalker and I have picked up a CBS FM radio station out of nowhere. I haven't heard anything all night on signal stalker and all of a sudden this CBS radio station comes up? (450.35000) I'm wondering how this happened.. Does this mean maybe a neighbor turned on...
  6. M

    Closed and Skipped Fire Stations

    I was looking at the Sacramento County (CA) wiki page (Sacramento County (CA) - The RadioReference Wiki) and have some questions. First, why did stations 9, 52 and 107 close? I'm guessing budget cuts? Second, why are some stations numbers skipped (33-34, 39-40, 43-44, 47-49, 67, 69, 79-80, 82...
  7. M

    Sacramento County fire station locations

    Does anyone have a list of the fire station locations in the county that SRFECC dispatches? If so, please reply with a link to the file or webpage. This would be greatly appreciated as I am creating a custom Google Earth interface with fire stations locations. Thank you and happy scanning!
  8. J

    FWFD Paging

    I know that all Fort Worth Fire Stations receive different tones before they are dispatched to a call, and I was wondering if there was any way to set up a scanner to only receive the dispatches for one station? Thanks, Jared K. Benbrook, TX DFW242 KE5VLJ