stearns county

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    Need help setting up PRO-96 for Stearns County/Central MN

    I've owned this scanner for a few years. Originally programmed by RadioShack employee, but hasn't worked properly for central mn for some time. Finally thought I'd try and fix it myself, but am a beginner. I tried both ARC96 and WIn96 to select nearby sites and talkgroups/agencies to...
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    Stearns Fire Tone-Out Wiki Additions

    I've been working on Fire Tones for Stearns County over the last couple of days. I added updated tones for Avon, Sartell, and Melrose Ambulance to the wiki page. They are all confirmed using the tone-out feature on my 396XT. I don't know why Avon and Sartell have new tones. I only heard...