1. M

    Other Frequencies in Windsor-Essex?

    Does anyone know of any other frequencies/systems in the Windsor/Essex region that are not listed in the database?
  2. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Systems, Sites & Groups: Organize without Duplicating?

    So Im still rather new. Been scanning with the BCD996P2 and love it. I feel like I now have all the basics down and spend more time enjoying than fiddling. But I do have a question that I cant seem to solve on my own. I would like to achieve having a separate system for: Police, Fire and EMS...
  3. J

    TRX-1: Efficient Programming

    I've had the TRX-1 for eight months now and what I thought about it early on still stands. It takes minutes to learn but you'll never master it. What I've found difficult is programming the scanner so that it scans efficiently. Here is what I'm trying to do. 1. I'm setting up scan lists by...
  4. K

    Saving Systems in DB to Favorites?

    How do I take a System in the Full Database on the 436 and save it to a Favorites list? Seems like I'm only allowed to save channels one by one which could take a long time.
  5. M

    BCD536HP: FL/System scanning sequence

    I am constantly annoyed by the illogical and non-sequential way the BCD536HP scans thru FLs and Systems. It does all the system 0 s in each Fav List, then all the system 1 s in each FL then all the system 2 s, 3s, 4s, etc. As each FL is stored in a separate file this makes no sense to me. This...
  6. L

    Sites, Talkgroups and Systems

    Hello radio gods! I have a rather simple question. I am scanning a Trunked System with multiple sites and numerous talk groups to stay tuned into my fire dispatch as I am a volunteer. When I am at work there is a site that is located 1/2 mile from my office but whenever I try to use that site...
  7. C

    BCD536HP: Manually Adding Systems To Favorites

    This might be a stupid question, but I cannot seem to find the answer in the manual. How can I add a single system from the full data base to a favorites list? It seems that only option is to transfer the complete data base. BTW, I understand how to do this using the Sentinel software, but I...
  8. M

    HELP! Group, Systems & Quick Keys for Dummies

    PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES Problem: Need help on understanding Groups, Systems and Quick Keys. I have had scanners for decades. I cant seem to wrap my head around the concepts of Groups... Systems and Quick Keys. I'm stuck back in the days of "banks" of channels. I keep reading manuals and online...
  9. A

    PA install question?

    If this thread is in the wrong spot... please let me know, Thanks Anyway, I'm going to install a systems 9000 (already have the spectra hooked up) in my intrepid (police package) and was wondering if the wires that are going to the PA speaker are a certain polarity... because the speaker i got...