1. dyersburg911

    Dyersburg Reviewing Joining TACN

    The City of Dyersburg Is considering joining TACN. Dyersburg was one of the first agencies in the United States to adopt P16 digital back in the 1990’s, before upgrading to P25 in the early 2000’s. If approved by the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Dyersburg will update their system and...
  2. W4EMS

    TACN Middle TN 436HP

    Using a 436HP and monitoring middle TN. I find the scanner appears to hold on the various sites far longer than expected, often missing other groups (conventional and trunking) call. I only have the local sites programmed. Any thoughts on how to speed it up? TG are TEMA, THP District 3 and TDOT...
  3. G

    Pro 106 / 197 Rebanding Question

    I would like to know if after updating the firmware to the latest version on these scanners, do you still need to use custom bandplans, or will the scanner automatically set the correct one? I am using Win500 to program from the RR database. Also the main System I am wondering about is the TACN...