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  1. Dark_Hunter

    Portable Shack

    I don't really have a shack so I would share my radios I use instead. From left to right. My Tait TP8115 programmed for 2M ham radio bands. Middle, radio programed to scan radio with selcalling decoding displaying statuses. Far-right, radio programmed for Fire scanning with selcalling decoding.
  2. R

    Toronto South Detention Centre

    Looking for listing for TSDC - no freqs. listed that I can see - anyone have info? Supposedly using old analog system, Bell Fleetnet and new NXDN(?) system with Kenwood NX-300 handhelds. All three systems are being used -but no listing shown for Toronto South Any info? Thanks
  3. R

    New Kenwood radios for Corrections?

    Anyone have info. on new radios being used at Toronto South Detention Centre? Said to be Kenwood(?) -replacing the Tait Orca radios. Supposedly have 20+ channels that are in, or can be used for interal comms. - Any info on radios or freqs? - Thanks.
  4. 1

    900MHz Tait Trunked Radio.

    I didn't know where else to put this post, So admins, Please relocate it if it's in the wrong place. Anyways........I have a 900MHz 16 Channel Tait Orca trunked radio, It does not power up, Even with a brand new battery which was charged on a brand new charger, Both of which were first used...