1. reddirtwest

    TK-863g Talk Around question

    Greetings! I have an 863g that's giving me fits. This radio has a "talk around" feature and it's applied itself to every Conventional channel I've set up. I have cleared the radio programming (unprogrammed), etc, to no avail. Kenwood, in their service manual references this as a programmable...
  2. F

    Talk Around / Simplex on Capacity Plus Single Repeater System

    I am getting mixed messages regarding the ability to use talkaround with our repeater / system setup. Motorola says no, users say yes.... is it possible to enable talkaround using a capacity plus trunked system? we have a simple set up with a single repeater if possible - use a button or...
  3. D

    DMR Talkaround technicalities

    I have a couple of questions about how talkaround functions: When a mobile radio keys up in talkaround mode, does it identify as a base station? Further, does/can a receiver discriminate between a station type (Mobile/base) if it is on the correct frequency, color code and TG? Thanks!
  4. KD5FMU

    XPR7550 Programming Question

    I have been programming MotoTRBO for at least three years now and and just been handed some XPR7550's to program for a local Volunteer Fire Department. I have just about figured out all the programming with the exception of Repeater/Talkaround feature. I can't seem to get it to work. I have...
  5. K

    LTR Talkaround

    A friend of mine who uses an LTR system on their job. While I was getting his talkaround frequency, I found out that the talkaround frequency also emits LTR trunking data. I'm now kind of a puzzled as I thought talkaround was simply just an conventional frequency. A google search on the subject...