tarrant county tx

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    Hearing NTIRN from North McLennan CO

    During the storms coming through between 12am and 1:15am Monday I was able to clearly hear traffic from Tarrant County FW Layer 1 and FW Layer 2. I was running a laptop with 2 SDRs with Moto 700/800 HT antennas on them and randomly saw the site pop up on the waterfall of SDRTRUNK. I guessed...
  2. D

    BC346XT trunk scanning question

    Relative newby here (to trunk scanning). Upgraded the Uniden BC72XLT to the BC346XT to pick up trunking systems in my county, received the radio in the mail yesterday. Big difference between the two - but Freescan helps ease the pain with programming. My approach was to load my city talk group...