tarrant county

  1. JTexas539

    Hearing NTIRN from North McLennan CO

    During the storms coming through between 12am and 1:15am Monday I was able to clearly hear traffic from Tarrant County FW Layer 1 and FW Layer 2. I was running a laptop with 2 SDRs with Moto 700/800 HT antennas on them and randomly saw the site pop up on the waterfall of SDRTRUNK. I guessed...
  2. T

    Scanning FW via Android phone

    Anyone scanning in Fort Worth area using a scanner app for Android phone? I am currently using "live audio" via radio reference and am only able to get FW Police Disp. Unable to get Fire or EMS. I am thinking of getting an Android phone and am curious if the scanner apps available for Android...
  3. D

    Tarrant County trunk system

    Scanning the Fort Worth / Tarrant County Public Safety Motorola Type II Smartnet with a Uniden BC346XT. Always get lots of traffic on the Fort Worth Medstar Talkgroup. I had heard that the Primary and Secondary MCI talkgroup was where a lot of interesting listening might be taking place, and so...