1. WX9RLT

    Suspect steals taxi then shoots at officers then police chase in Rockford

    Suspect steals a taxi cab, shoots at officers, then leads police on chase in Rockford Full details ~ Stolen taxi & Shots fired at officers, Many officers assisting in the chase | Rockford Scanner .
  2. T

    Beck Taxi

    Does anyone have the TX frequencies for Beck Taxi. I want to monitor in simplex as I am trying to see the range they get on their radios. I have tried to use the Industry Canada page to look up frequencies and no joy. apparently 444.4 MHz is not lienced. Hard to believe that every other freq i...
  3. V

    Not able to here taxis in my area

    Don't know if this is the right place to put this. I got a frequency for a local taxi Business but it seems scrambled all it sounds like is noise when ever their might be traffic. Can anyone help with this problem?
  4. V

    Phoenix Area Taxi Frequencies

    I haven't come across any information on Taxi dispatch frequencies in this forum or the databases on the site. I've heard traffic on these frequencies: 152.2850 MHz - Yellow Cab (FCC License Name: AAA CAB SERVICE INC., dba GREATER PHOENIX TRANSPORTATION) 452.7750 MHz - Discount Cab (FCC...
  5. K

    huntsville cabs

    Hey, i was wondering if someone could help me find the frequencies for the taxi companies in huntsville ontario. I can find everyhing but the cabs!
  6. J

    451.7000MHz in ocean county

    anyone know what service 451.7000MHz is? From listening to it it sounds like a transport/taxi/tow company. The repeater has a long hold time, after someone unkeys, it will hold (dead key) for 3 to 5 sec then there is a strange tone as the repeater stops transmitting. the same noise is heard...