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    BC75XLT: Stuck on scan and will not turn off

    My son turned on his scanner which had been working fine until now. It is stuck on scan, finds one of the channels he has programmed briefly, then goes back to scan. I cannot turn the scanner off. When I take the batteries out, and re-install them, the unit comes back on and still continues to...
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    Problem with Grundig Satellit 750 - No Volume - Need Schematic Diagram

    Hello All I'm having problems with the SW receiver Grundig Satellit 750. At first the radio appeared to loose the volume intermittently, then it started to loose the signal for all the bands, now it does not have volume and when it does, it is like is not receiving any signal at all. The SWR...
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    Santa Clara CA Fire/Campbell Police feed

    Sometime in the past couple of days this live feed has changed - it's now nothing but the ambient audio from microphone in a room somewhere. I hear someone typing on a computer keyboard, sometimes a ham radio in the background or what sounds like an AM radio playing. Whoever owns this feed may...