1. H

    Operating in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Hello, I am going on a sailing trip in August to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are going to be sailing to St. Thomas and St. John, and I am wondering if I will need any special permits besides my general class license (I'm a technician now but will be general before the trip). I am planning on...
  2. T

    First radio for newly licensed

    I didn't know if I should ask here or if I should ask in the New User forum (it seems like this forum is more for scanner questions, but please move it if it fits better there.) I wanted to learn more about amateur radio and so I have been studying for the Technician license exam. Recently I...
  3. S

    Failed my Technician Test

    I have been studying pretty much everyday, super engaged. When i dont know the answer i will envelope myself in the subject whether it be through youtube, or independent studies. I have been studying for 3 months almost on When i went to take the test i saw that the questions seem...
  4. n9mxq

    Ham Radio License Course

    Sorry for the short notice.. Just got the flyer today. We are putting on a Technician level course for a few firefighters and decided to invite the public to join - G
  5. n9mxq

    Big Thunder ARC Technician course

    Upcoming license class in Belvidere IL. This is our second class.
  6. V

    Is General worth it?

    Hi all! My name is Veronica and I am new to the Ham world and am looking to take my test soon... I was told I can sit for the General licesnse test, right after I take my Technician test. My question is, is it worth the extra study material if the HF rigs are not quite in my budget? It seems...