tecsun pl880

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    Dumb question about the Tecsun 880

    Apparently this is the spot for stupid questions. I was considering buying a Tecsun PL880, but saw out in internet land that it is not able to pick up ATC. Does anyone know if that happens to be true or not? There's a pretty busy AT center a few minutes away and wouldn't want to lose out on...
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    antenna problem

    Hi, I have a Kaito T-1 Radio antenna spread out on my deck, connected to a Tecsun PL880. I am having trouble receiving anything except 5000 which just barely comes in (tried during Day and Night) I live near Seattle ,Wa, , USA in a forested ,low area. Should I buy, or make, a bigger antenna...
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    beginner questions about a Tecsun PL880

    Hi, i am new to shortwave (SW) radio. i just bought a Tecsun PL880 and i have a few beginner questions -should i set the time to UTC ? -can i receive SW indoors ? (i have a Kaito T-1 Radio antenna attached to the sw antenna jack) - the radio shows SW A and SW B - what is the difference...