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    Tektronix WCA230 HELP!!!!

    Hello All, after update win XP of my wca230A analyzer I have a problem calibrating my analyzer, somebody could help me with this problem, or send an image of the system from a working analyzer. Any help is appreciated!!!!!!
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    Tekk SD-5200 Programming

    Hi all.. Looking for a programming cable (or schematic for one..) and software for the Tekk SD-5200. This is not a current production radio, and I've already asked Tell Inc how much and availability. They say none are available from them, buy a new radio! Well.. A good deal was had on a few of...
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    Tekk XV-1000 series software

    I am looking for updated software for the Tekk XV/XU 1000 series programming. My version (purchased) is 1.07. I just purchased two XV-1000s radios, and this version of the software won't program them. What is the most current version? Anyone know a location to download it?