tennessee valley corridor

  1. murrayustud

    Trip along I-40 to Gatlinburg, Tennessee from Raleigh

    Just back from a trip along I-40 to Gatlinburg, TN. I brought along my cdm1250 low band radio, tons of low band still being used from Greensboro area all the way to just east of Asheville for Highway Patrol. Heard several "speed" missions along I-40 on low band, one car on bridge telling group...
  2. J

    Digitized TX's...Help please!

    Recently, the Blount Co. TN LEO & EMS agencies switched to the new digital Tennessee Valley Corridor System. I programmed in all of the frequencies into my PRO 106 and left the Talk Groups as "wildcards". I can clearly receive about 60% of the TX's, about 10% are completely "digitized" that...