1. S

    Nashville International Airport

    Hi all, Since Nashville Airport is a single site trunking system, does anyone know the bandplan for it? Was kind of curious if they would be using a standard TDMA bandplan since all the talkgroups are TDMA, or if it is custom since its single site.
  2. B

    Lincoln County Sheriff / Fayetteville Police DMR

    Can or has anyone in the southern middle TN or North AL area been able to confirm the CC, TG, and TS for the Lincoln SO and Fayetteville PD DMR? I have no means to do so yet. Thanks!
  3. Romeomike2709

    Lost in Wilson

    Hey, Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. I'm running an SDS 200 and 100. Up until two days ago I could hear Mount Juliet, WEMA and Nashville Fire with no issues. Then my dear girlfriend decided to help me out and do an update/whatever and now I am unable to hear a single thing. I...
  4. dyersburg911

    Dyersburg Reviewing Joining TACN

    The City of Dyersburg Is considering joining TACN. Dyersburg was one of the first agencies in the United States to adopt P16 digital back in the 1990’s, before upgrading to P25 in the early 2000’s. If approved by the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Dyersburg will update their system and...
  5. R

    Bartlett, TN P25 Setup in DB questions

    I am new, hope this is right place for this. BCD325P2, FreeScan, RR DB paid member. I am confused by the setup on new Bartlett TN P25 system. I downloaded from RR DB, into FreeScan, then uploaded to scanner. Can someone explain why it sets up as three systems? Don't think I would have gotten it...
  6. C

    Does anyone use ProVoice or DMR in the Chattanooga area? Is it worth purchasing?

    Just curious if it is worth purchasing.
  7. C

    Chattanooga/ Hamilton County fire ton outs

    I have searched quite a bit and found nothing on FTO's for the Chattanooga/ Hamilton county area. If someone could share this info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. T

    Tytera MD 380 VHF Jackson County TN

    I recently purchased a TYT MD 380 VHF from amazon after searching and seeing that it could receive DMR frequencies, after updating the firmware. I now have the firmware updated and all frequencies programmed in to the radio and seeing the led change from red to green when receiving transmission...
  9. S

    Chattanooga Tennessee P25 system

    I just recently purchased a unified bcd536hp and I used the sentinel software to program the p25 system to my scanner. For some reason whenever I hear a transmission it comes in very patchy sounding and then clears up. It only clears up sometimes. Most transmissions can't even be made out. Any...
  10. TennFordTN

    Putnam County Frequencies

    Has anyone double checked any of the Putnam County Frequencies lately? I think there might be a few that have changed. For the life of me, I can't receive anything on Putnam County Rescue Squad Analog for Interops. Have they gotten rid of that? For anyone in the Putnam County Area, please help...
  11. TennFordTN

    FRS or MURS?

    I'm new to these forums and recently new to the radio waves but I have a question. MURS or FRS? I own a little more than 100 acres of half-flat, half-hill property with extensive amount of trees and hills. My family and I, and sometimes friends, use this property (or as we call it, the "farm")...
  12. jtd97

    Tone Out Codes For Shelby County Fire

    Does anybody know where I can find the tone codes for SCFD? Thanks a million!:confused:
  13. T

    how do I program my scanner with Roane County Freq?

    I tried using the Freq codes that are listed on this site, but nothing is coming through on my scanner.. however when I listen to it on here it works.. Any help would be appreciated. 460.15000 465.15000 WPYL382 RM 103.5 PL Roane SD Dsp Sheriff's Department - Dispatch (including...
  14. N

    Problems scanning in the 300 range

    I have a uniden BCT8 scanner, and live in east Tennessee; I don't think either would matter on this subject Our local airport has some frequencies in the 300 range; to be exact they are 301.4, 354.15, and 371.85, when I try to program them in the scanner gives me the dreaded "error" displayed...
  15. 2

    Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) ???

    What is this? Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Trunking System, Greeneville, Tennessee - Scanner Frequencies Is that business? It's not police or fire, I know that for sure. If anybody can clue me in, please let me know. I'll monitor those...
  16. 2

    Greene County

    Greene County TN listeners, I currently have a live feed @ Greeneville and Greene County Police, Fire, and EMS Live Scanner Audio Feed The scanner feeding it is a Bearcat BC350 run into a Dell desktop running Windows XP Media. Utilizing the personal bank, I have 20 channels. I was thinking...