1. rrobinso84

    What does "FAY-dek" mean?

    Hi all, I'm a listener in Phoenix, AZ. Most every automated voice transmission includes a code that sounds like FADEC (phonetically "FAY-dek") and a number, usually 7, 8 or 9. I can't find any reference to this, nor do I know if I'm even spelling it correctly. Does anyone know what it means...
  2. thescannerdude123

    911 Dispatch Terminology

    Listening to my scanner in Chester County and I keep hearing two things in almost all calls and I can't figure out what they mean. Something that sounds like "MickYou" or "Mickey" and a number and also something like "Box 20-05". Does anyone know what either of these mean? I hear them call the...
  3. B

    BCT15X Terminology Clarity

    Hi folks. I've owned this BCT15X for a handful of years and I've looked everywhere for some leadership but it doesn't seem to be out there. I'm a >20 year HAM operator and I simply cannot get my head around this unit. Can someone explain to me the following terminology? systems, sites...
  4. S

    DC Fire Dept Terminology

    Hi there. New to scanning in DC and the terminology and unit identifiers are somewhat different than the city I am from. Is there a good link or post somewhere that explains not only radio terminology for DC Fire Department but also explains their apparatus terminology? For instance with...