1. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Systems, Sites & Groups: Organize without Duplicating?

    So Im still rather new. Been scanning with the BCD996P2 and love it. I feel like I now have all the basics down and spend more time enjoying than fiddling. But I do have a question that I cant seem to solve on my own. I would like to achieve having a separate system for: Police, Fire and EMS...
  2. NFR85

    Entering TGIDS to BCD436HP

    I entered in my TGIDS in my favorite search. I know on the old scanner i had to use the letter I then the number. When a company keys up for example Engine 1 Rig doesn't display. It just displays the TGIDS & UID # Here is what I did. 1. Click on Manage Favorites 2. Selected my favorites. 3...
  3. J

    PRO-97 Not displaying all TGID tags

    My PRO-97 will not display certain talk group ID tags. It displays some but certain TGs will only display the number not the ID tag I have programmed. I have tried pressing the text button when the TG is active and this does not remedy the situation. I have manually scrolled through the TGs...
  4. NFR85

    UIDS not working BCD996XT

    I have programmed the UIDS before using ARC XT Software for the City of Nashua NH and it would display for example Engine 1 Rig now it just shows the UID but not what i entered in. I saved it under my Nashua Motorola Group and create a new group and labeled it with TGIDS. Can someone help me...