thank you

  1. imabusyma

    Thank you Howard Co., IN volunteer!

    I live in Kokomo, IN. Our feed was down for quite a long time as the previous volunteer stopped providing feed. I'm not sure if the old provider started providing feed again or if we have a new volunteer in this area. I just want to say thank you, whoever you are, for stepping up to volunteer to...
  2. S

    Thanks to those associated with this site

    I wanted to say thank you for all the feed providers out there. Being one of the providers for my state and local area, I know you can sometimes get lots of emails complaining. Some wanting loud, some softer, some with different channel, some with different hold times. Ultimately the feed...
  3. Bruce42

    A Big Thank You

    Although I have been viewing this forum for several months, I just registered to post in order to express my thank you for the amount of valuable data that the members contribute. It helps me in both my hobby and my professional life. Beginning in 1958, when I talked coast-to-coast with one...