1. cellphone

    DSDPlus Network and Site Numbers DSDPlus vs Uniden DMR Type 3

    I'm trying to understand why DSDPlus network and site numbers are different vs what is displayed on Uniden scanners. I'm monitoring a fairly new DMR Type 3 system in Arizona: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=11335 Looking at the South Mountain site, here is what the BCD536HP shows...
  2. A

    DSDPlus dsd+ faslane i need know this system TIII (HYT)

    When i decoding some channel I receive the system TIII (HYT) and i see only 2 connect this channel i hear sometime police and sometime hospital and traffic department and it's take long time to hear someone My question What that's mean is this police station or hospital station ? I'm new...
  3. PhillyPhoto

    BCD325P2: DMR/MotoTRBO mode not working

    There's a DMR Tier 3 system near me and I'm trying to setup my 325 to work with it. I have 3 systems configured now. The first is conventional only and it shows me the frequency and color code and will decode audio with no issues. The second is a DMR 1-frequency system. It shows me the...