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    MD-380 Time slot shifting

    Hello all, I have an MD-380 with the latest Tytoolz firmware install and when trying to transmit on a given repeater frequency using slot 2, the radio will activate the talk group (e.g. 91 Worldwide) and I can moniter the conversations on that time slot, but it keys up as time slot 1, and...
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    TDMA w/ DCDM and Talk Groups on Simplex

    Hello all, I apologize for the title; I hate acronyms but what can you do. I am a volunteer fire fighter, and I am investigating different possibilities with our radios. Bare with me because I am not going to get this across properly, but I am interested in knowing if the following is possible...
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    How long does it take for frequeny info to be posted

    I just submited scanner info and i was wondering how long it takes to be posted. Any info would be very helful thankyou. Also im taking my ham radio test on this saturday where can i enter my callsign like everybody else. Thanks, sincerely KD8***
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    Relationship between Vocoder and Speech frames.

    Hi Please can you tell me the relation ship between the vocoder we use in Mobile/Portables to the max speech which can be compressed in the time slot( i mean a a given frame of the protocol). Any links, tutorials, or references are welcome. Regards PC