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    TK-2180 with KMC-41 Mic problems

    So I have a TK-2180 that I use for my volunteer department. A few months ago I tried to use a used KMC-41 mic. When I plugged the mic into my portable, it appeared to be very sensitive. I could flick the microphone and it would transmit. Whenever I switched zones the TX light would display...
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    Kenwood TK-2180 Firmware Update

    Does anyone have a new version of the TK-2180 firmware? I'm looking to update so we can enable MDC signaling. Thanks!
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    TK-2180 External Mic Cable

    I am working on a radio interface for our fire departments SCBA's and need to find a lower cost source for the external mic connection on the TK-2180 than my present scheme of cutting up a regular external mic to get the connector and cable. Does anyone have any other sources for the mating...