1. D

    TK-8180 UHF/UHF Mobile Repeater Help

    Can anyone help me? I own a business where we exclusively use Kenwood TK-8180 mobile and TK-3180 portable radios which are strictly UHF. We have one area where the use of the portable (TK-3180) radios simply cannot hit the repeater but the mobile (TK-8180) radios have no problem. I would like...
  2. S

    Selling my other Radio

    So I'm selling my tk-3180k on ebay if anyone is interested. 2 days left. I have a bill I have to pay immediately. thanks for looking.. Kenwood TK3180K 5W UHF 450 520Mhz 512CH 128ZONES Portable Transceiver Fleetsync | eBay
  3. S

    tk-3180 k3 questions, need help?

    ok, so now i'm looking for a program cable and software. correct me if i'm wrong i think i need the kpg-36um cable for 64bit system, and i've looked and all i find is kpg-36 or kpg-36u (are these the same cables?) some have USB ( : SECUDA High Quality USB Programming*Cable For...
  4. nlvassallo

    TK-3180 Only works in Talk Around

    I have a TK3180 firmware 1.17 and kpg-89D v1.61 and a kpg-36 cable. When I program freq in the radio the radio will only transmit and recieve in talk around mode with other radios that are in range and also in talk around. If I switch the recieve and transmit freq then the radio does NOT work...