tk-5210 p25 vhf

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    Kenwood TK-5210 Receive Issue

    I have a Kenwood TK-5210 K3 Ver 2.0 That I purchased used off of eBay. The radio is able to be programmed and is not locked or stunned but is unable to transmit or receive any audio. I am able to send FleetSync side tones but nothing more. I can hear all key beeps over the speaker but am unable...
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    TK-5210 2-tone operation in Mixed mode

    I searched and tried to find any information on mixed mode and 2-tone but I was not successful. Our department operates on p25, but we are dispatched in analog. The way our radios are currently set up after our 2-tone alert our radio we have to switch zones to listen to the audio dispatch...
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    TK-5210 question.

    I have the oppurtunity to purchase a TK-5210 VHF portable at a good price. Only thing is its the basic version with 64 channels and no display. Anyone know how hard it would be to convert it to a model with the display and 512 channels? I know you'd need a new case, screen, and a few other...