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    Kenwood TK-5710 Scrambler Board

    I've recently acquired a TK-5710H version 2 and would like to use the analog voice inversion on it. My radio does not have the optional scrambler board installed. I've searched online for this specific option board to no avail. I cannot seem to even find a part number for this board much less...
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    TK-5710 / TK -5810 Dual Band Setup

    I have a TK-5710H VHF radio with a KRK-14 basic control head. I just recently purchased a KRK-7DB dual band connection setup and a TK-5810H deck to make my system a dual band system. I have installed the KRK-7DB, the TK-5810 deck and connected all to the currently installed TK-5710 and KRK-14...