1. jeffmarshall911

    Tk-7150 cid

    Due to station renovation, I had to take a mobile out of storage and put it in the temp office so they had something to listen to. The comment is that last Caller ID (we're conventional FleetSync) does not clear until a button is pushed on the radio. In KPG-79D v1.01 there doesn't seem to be a...
  2. KB3KBR

    kenwood tk-7150 programming

    Hi, all. I believe I'm about to become the new owner of a couple of 7150's from my fire dept as we've bought newer radios for the trucks and these are sitting in storage gathering dust. My main questions are: 1: Are these current production radios? 2: Is there software still in production...
  3. budpaine

    Kenwood TK-7150 no Rx

    I am reinstalling a TK-7150 and programming with 79D software. It transmits but doesn't receive. Squelch is at 1. Encodes and decodes are set properly. Any ideas? I've tried numerous RR forums but haven't found the solution yet.
  4. K

    TK-7150 spontaneous transmit problem

    My employer has more than 30 Kenwood TK-7150 transceivers installed in a variety of vehicles, but mostly passenger cars. The problem is that several times or more each week there will be one or more of these radios that will randomly transmit what seems to be DTMF tone zero until the...