1. fireradio

    TK-7180 / TK-8180 MDC-1200 Question

    Hello, I am aware that the latest firmware allows the 7180/8180 to have MDC-1200 functionality, but I've done a lot of searching and can't determine exactly what MDC features they're capable of. Can they just do PTT ID encode/decode? Or can they do the full suite? I need a radio that can do...
  2. C

    TK-7180 Public Address (PA) Function help!

    Hi there! Newbie question here... I have a TK-7180 with the KAP-2 installed (and a remote control head). I also have an Abrams Explorer Series siren/PA installed in my rig. I am looking for help connecting the PA function of the radio to the amplifier so that I can cut out the additional...
  3. Irontail

    TK-7160 import from TK-7180 problem

    I am new to the forum. I have searched this forum for my answer with no success. I have a large amount of channels in a TK-7180 mobile that I want to get into a TK-7160. I have the newest KPG-89D v1.61 for the TK-7180 and KPG-99D v1.55 for the TK-7160. I can read and write to both no...
  4. K

    TK-7180H Hickup

    Well I'm trying to get either FleetSync or MDC1200 working in this radio. The problem I'm facing is not being able to get the PTT ID to work on either BOT or EOT. As soon as I click the button to write to the radio, I get an error stating "An error has been detected in the following entry...
  5. S

    PTT ID question

    I'm looking to purchase a mobile radio to put in my truck for response to fire dept calls. Anyways, I'm looking at the TK-790 and the TK-7180. One of the requirements is that I have PTT ID. I understand a fair amount about radios, but am no expert. From my understanding, you have to have a...
  6. N

    Tk-7180 help

    I have a kenwood tk7180 that i powered up and it worked.. then i went to put the remote head onto it but instead of using the same head i just used my other 7180 head that was already set up but it didnt work probably because i needed to use the same head as the radio. So i put the ribbon and...