1. fireradio

    TK-7180 / TK-8180 MDC-1200 Question

    Hello, I am aware that the latest firmware allows the 7180/8180 to have MDC-1200 functionality, but I've done a lot of searching and can't determine exactly what MDC features they're capable of. Can they just do PTT ID encode/decode? Or can they do the full suite? I need a radio that can do...
  2. V

    Kenwood TK-8180 max transmit power

    I finally had time to setup my 8180 as a base station. While setting up the radio I noticed that at high power its uses 5amps. So I looked in panel mode and max transmit power set at 60. Is it safe to raise it to lets say 95 so I am draining 8 apms from power supply? (according to Kenwood at max...
  3. K7MFC

    TK-8180 K out of band programming

    Hello, I have a Kenwood TK-8180 K (450-520 MHz) and I am using KPG-89D software to program it. I am able to program this radio for use in the 70cm amateur band; the software gives a "Frequency out of range" warning when entering transmit or receive frequencies below 450 MHz, but the file is...
  4. D

    TK-8180 UHF/UHF Mobile Repeater Help

    Can anyone help me? I own a business where we exclusively use Kenwood TK-8180 mobile and TK-3180 portable radios which are strictly UHF. We have one area where the use of the portable (TK-3180) radios simply cannot hit the repeater but the mobile (TK-8180) radios have no problem. I would like...
  5. C

    TK-8180 MDC Issue

    Hello, I just updated my TK-8180 last night to be able to encode/decode MDC IDs. I'm currently having an issue where, when I receive an MDC ID, it will display properly, but not clear off of the screen after the Auto Reset Timer has expired, I have to actually press a button for the channel...
  6. G

    Kenwood TK-8180 Firmware

    Hello all, I have recently obtained a TK-8180H. I have been recently trying to learn about the programming with KPG-89D Version 1.6. Now more recently I have come across some posts about MDC1200 firmware update. So, my question is: Does anyone have...