1. J

    Kenwood TK-3180 UPG ERROR

    I tried giving my tk-3180 a firmware upgrade and when you turn the radio on it just says upg error. Is there a fix to this i cant get it off this screen?
  2. K2NEC

    Kenwood radio's Pros and cons

    I am completely new to Kenwood. Never owned one (or even used one) before. I was thinking about getting either a TK380 or a TK3180. Does anyone have any information to these radio's as well as pros and cons? Is there one radio I should get over the other? I would like to also have Fleetsync I...
  3. M

    TK-3180 Programming Password

    I have recently acquired some TK-3180 radios and the are password protected as far as reading/writing the radios. Can someone advise me on how to get past the passwords?
  4. M

    Kenwood TK-3180

    Hello, for anybody that works with the Kenwood TK series radio`s i have one that im trying to figure out if its just a display problem or internal firmware update ... the screen use to display just a bunch of the icons that can be enabled (Scrambler, priority, msg, etc) now it just stays blank...