toledo pd

  1. B

    Uniden Home Patrol 1 & MARCS

    Hi! I have purchased my first scanner. I bought a Uniden HomePatrol1 and am having trouble using. it. I only seem to be able to pick up on OSP. I want to listen to OSP, Toledo and the suburbs particulary Sylvania and Sylvania TWP. I have used Sentinal software to narrow the MARCS list. If...
  2. johnnyelectron

    What happened to "Toledo Police and Lucas County Sheriff" link?

    There was a really good link called "Toledo Police and Lucas County Sheriff" with an antenna aimed at a sweet spot to pick-up this tricky trunked system that just bombs out on my portable PRO96. I see that the status is now listed as "deleted". Anybody know if they were asked to take down the...