toms river

  1. Joseph11

    Ocean County NJSP Talkgroups

    I'm looking for clarification on which NJSP talkgroups cover Ocean County, specifically the Toms River/Berkeley/Lacey areas (GSP exits 83-74). I'm assuming C3-04 (36592) and C6-11 (26960). Can anyone confirm these? Are there any additional? Thanks!
  2. S

    Working Fire - Toms River

    1255 N. Maple Avenue. Working fire in a large wood frame residential structure. County Coordinator dispatched. Mutual aid to scene and for cover. Operations going defensive.
  3. S

    Structure Fire in Toms River

    194 Musk Flower Court - two condo units are fully involved. FD on scene. Fire spread to 3rd unit has been stopped. Now concentrating on involved units. No report of victims at this time. Mutual aid to scene an for station cover.