tone decoding

  1. dunestalker

    Douglas & Sarpy County Fire Tone-Outs

    Hey, folks! Getting back into scanning after several years out of the game and I'm finding out there are new technologies out there. Since I now have a BCD436HP scanner which is able to detect Fire Tone-Outs, I was wondering if anyone has come up with a list of tone-outs for Douglas and Sarpy...
  2. D

    FKU CALFIRE tone out codes?

    Does anyone have,or know where to find the tone out codes for Fresno/Kings CALFIRE . Trying to "catch" them using the 15X or BCD996XT would take weeks and you might still miss the ones you wanted. Trying to get Company 74,75,76 out of BLASINGAME or the Tollhouse volunteers.
  3. W

    And still another Python based Tone Detector

    All, I did not realize that other people were working on a similar project. I see two other threads for tone detector programs. This one is all Python, no GUI and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. By using the screen command in Linux it can be run detached from any screen. It currently saves...
  4. T


    Does anyone have a proper license they are willing to sell? I really want this software for personal use but i do not want to buy 10 copies for close to $130. Its just not worth it.
  5. B

    Anyone know scituate fire department Potterville tones?

    Im looking for the potterville fire departments tones in Scituate any help is apprciated