tone frequencies

  1. djbisme

    Berrien County Fire Tone-Out Frequencies

    Hello- I am looking for the fire department pager tone frequencies for Berrien County, MI. Lots of searching, but I haven't come up with anything. Thanks!
  2. dunestalker

    Douglas & Sarpy County Fire Tone-Outs

    Hey, folks! Getting back into scanning after several years out of the game and I'm finding out there are new technologies out there. Since I now have a BCD436HP scanner which is able to detect Fire Tone-Outs, I was wondering if anyone has come up with a list of tone-outs for Douglas and Sarpy...
  3. D

    FKU CALFIRE tone out codes?

    Does anyone have,or know where to find the tone out codes for Fresno/Kings CALFIRE . Trying to "catch" them using the 15X or BCD996XT would take weeks and you might still miss the ones you wanted. Trying to get Company 74,75,76 out of BLASINGAME or the Tollhouse volunteers.
  4. Marauder

    What happened to dutchess 911's end tone???

    It changed this morning! I heard some talk about "trouble with the new system" I listen every day ... this is the first I am hearing .. the end tone sounds like Ulster 911's tone. I remember hearing this tone since I was was a kid, what happened? am I out of the loop?
  5. R

    DGR 6175

    We recently upgraded our repeater to MOTOTRBo DGR 6175, but it is a single user config and can't make it multi user as was our old one. Looking for a tone panel that would be able to work with this model to make it a community repeater.
  6. L

    HELP ! Tone Question

    I am not quite a newbie... but my experience with scanners falls short with my new situation. I have recently moved to Wareham Mass.The Police, Fire and other local frequencies also use a tone... I know nothing about tones or why they are used... I have a Pro-95 handheld scanner and am under the...
  7. F

    Motorola GP340 General help requested

    Hi all I'm a fence judge at local cross country events. We use two-way radios to comunicate with control, so that we can let everyone know whats happening out on the course. There are times however when fence judges don't get a radio (pricipally due to the cost of hiring), so I bought my own...