1. M

    How to disable Tone-Out on BCD536HP

    Tone-Out is of no use in the UK as the system is simply not used. I have checked that both tones on all 32 tone-out channels are set to 0. Yet the scanner constantly brings up a Tone-Out screen whenever I switch CloseCall on or off [Function Squelch]. The manual explains how to set tones up but...
  2. S

    PSR 500,PRO197

    Can anyone tell me if Fire Dept tone outs can be programmed in these models
  3. K

    BCD996XT Tone-Out Standby

    Does anyone know if it is possible to setup the BCD996XT to recognize tones in "Tone-Out Standby" and then open the squelch to hear the transmission and then return to scanning "Tone-Out Standby"?
  4. T

    Greenfield Fire Tone-out codes

    Does anyone know the greenfield fire tone-out codes? I cant find them where i work, or havent found the right person to ask and i need my pager to be working.....
  5. S

    Glastonbury Fire Department

    Hi does anyone know the Tone-out tones for the Glastonbury Fire Department. Thanks Brad
  6. jwasson

    996T Tone-Out for Boone County Fire (Zionsville)

    I have had a 996T for some time, but I have never programmed the fire tone-out options. Does anyone have set-up parameters for Boone County Fire tones? I am surprised that the RR database doesn't have an area for these? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided...