tower antenna

  1. lifeson

    tower removal nw of Columbus.

    Does anyone know of a company to remove an antenna tower? It’s about 40 ft tall. I had used it for ham radio. I am doing a different antenna system now and would like to have the tower removed. It’s been up over 20 years. Its not rohn tower. Thank you for any info.
  2. D

    CB TOWER for Sale

    The RadioReference Wiki Navigation Main Page Recent changes Random page Help Tips For Searching RR Wiki User's Guide QuickLinks RadioReference Home RadioReference Forums RadioReference Database Broadcastify Live Audio Help / Contact Database Frequency Database Amateur Radio Database...
  3. J

    120-150 ft Radio Tower-What is it worth?

    Hi everyone. We bought an 18 acre piece of land in Florida. It used to be a commercial construction dump site. On the property there is a huge guessing 120-150 ft radio tower they once used when the site was up and running. We are wondering how do you find out how much something like that is...
  4. S

    For sale these look good are they ?

    FOR SALE THESE LOOK GOOD ARE THEY ? CB Radio 15m antenna mast Killara Station Master or UHF (eBay item 230615455580 end time 07-May-11 12:05:20 AEST) : Electronics Ham Radio 15m Adjustable rotator motorised antenna mast | eBay